Beauty Point                   Andri Petrou

For this project I was commissioned by Hivebreed to create for their client one long form commercial, approximately 90 seconds long, as well as four short form promos which they requested to end at about 6 seconds long.


The tricky part of the project was that we had to film everything in one day due to Beauty Point's high demand and a full work schedule. We also had to use non-professional models due to budget restrictions. 


Despite our limitations our shoot was a blast. Everyone had fun and our final product a huge success.

To me this project is a great example of combining long and short form commercials to maximise your budget's potential while ensuring a flexible marketing strategy          


Beauty Point by Andri Petrou | Long Version

Laser | Short Version 1

Make Up | Short Version

Laser | Short Version 2

Eyelashes | Short Version