PRIMITIVE CYPRUS is a boutique company that produces one of the world's finest and most sought after organic olive oils.

It combines modern design with the highest quality organic olive oil, included in FLOS OLEI's list of the world's best olive oils.


The whole process from beginning to end, from the olive picking to the silkscreen printing of the bottle, is done by hand. This produces olive oil of the highest quality and a design that is minimal and stunning. Unlike any other olive oil bottle design, PRIMITIVE CYPRUS' black&white design utilises the extreme brightness of Cypriot landscapes for inspiration.

This is a long form commercial in a documentary style showcasing the love and hard work that goes into designing the bottle.

For this video I wanted form to echo content and also to utilise the same elements that I saw as key to the PRIMITIVE CYPRUS brand identity. "Light", "contrast", "organic" and "hands" were our key elements, as well as the searing heat and slow pace of Cypriot life.