Short film I directed in 2011.

With Laurence Fuller (Road to the Well) and Lorraine Hilton (Hot Fuzz, Sherlock, The Wolfman)


Under the Skin is the story of a dysfunctional relationship between a daughter and her mother, highlighting the lengths to which people will go to get by, and the ultimate ramifications that go along with that.


I love writing and directing female characters as there is such a lack of well-written, rounded female protagonists.

In The Dark sees a big sister come to the rescue of her younger, abused sister. Together they plot a murder. But victims aren't always as innocent as they seem.


My first attempt at directing was this short film, shot in 2010.

Katya tells the story of a young girl trying to repair a broken and strained relationship with her estranged mother. Abandoned as a child, Katya is once again rejected by her mother during an emotionally fraught meeting, a result that sees our protagonist follow the same self-destructive path as her mother.